It’s been awhile since Test Room, we know, but as most would know by now, it’s not in Virtuoso’s philosophy to drop a new video every other day or week. We believe in putting our everything into every little thing that we do, even if that means taking longer than most would like us to.

While it leaves some impatient, it allows us to put the thought, care, and refinement into each of our videos that only time allows. The result of that time, however, is a collection of Cardistry videos that we would like to think of as timeless: Cardistry videos that resonate with people in a way that no others do; that you can’t help but watch again and again.

As with all our videos, we decided to give Air Time a theme: Freedom.

Far too often, Cardistry videos come across as constrained; a deck of cards trapped between a pair of headless hands. We admit, we’ve been culprits of this ourselves.

So rather than adding to the countless close-up Cardistry videos out there, many of the frames inAir Time are widely shot, and capture not just the movement of the hands, but the entire body.

To do this, we decided to start with a blank slate. More precisely, Air Time begins with a large white space on which we would paint a picture of the things that inspire us: fashion, minimalism, and movement. Upon this mostly monochromatic palette, we then dropped in the vibrant new SS15 Virtuoso deck to stand out and speak for itself.

Rather than performing every card flourish with speed, we utilised a high speed camera to slow things down. Instead of keeping every move in the the hands, we experimented with different levels; from surfaces, to our feet, and of course, the air.

Air Time also marks the first time we’ve created a Cardistry showcase video with the Virtuoso deck beyond the typical trailer, and the first time we’ve featured the fascinating new genre of Cardistry that the Virtuoso deck birthed: Static Cardistry.

In other words, everything in Air Time, gets more airtime.

Air Time is short, sweet, and we hope, satisfying. Our wish is that you enjoy it as much as we did creating it, and that it helps to get the art of Cardistry more airtime across the globe as well.

So have fun watching this little video, and if you like it, help us get it out there.

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