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One of the most common questions that card flourishers ask us is this:

“What’s the best deck for Cardistry?”

The problem is, as the creators of the Virtuoso deck, we’re obviously biased.

So rather than take our word for it, we’ve put together a short video for you called “Versus” that pits the SS15 Virtuoso deck against classic back designs.

If you’re wondering why we’ve used these decks in particular, it’s because they represent the three default back designs that almost every deck out there is based on: intricate back designs, repeating pattern back designs, and simple back designs.

Don’t get us wrong; we think classic back designs are beautiful. We don’t, however, feel that they make your card flourishes look beautiful.

In Versus, you’ll finally get to see why we had to invent a new type of back design, Adaptive Aesthetics. You’ll also see why the Virtuoso deck remains as the only deck truly designed for Cardistry, and the choice of top card flourishers around the world. Enjoy.

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03/24/2015 Important Update: Early Bird List After our video Air Time went viral, over 20,000 people have shown interest in the new SS15 Virtuoso deck. As we have far less than 20,000 decks available for purchase, we strongly recommend for you to join the Early Bird list to avoid disappointment.

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